My name is Travis Varner, ISA Certified Arborist, and like most tree guys I’ve lived a colorful life. I graduated from West Carteret High School in Morehead City NC and attended NCSU. While in school I wrestled to a NC State Title my senior year and out of school I fought MMA earning a Tennessee State Title along with 3 other championship belts. I also fought in the first USA 2v2 MMA Cage fight. Currently I’m a purple belt in BBJ. I don’t do mediocre work, excellence only. I’m not afraid to get my hands a little dirty doing physical work.
My team and I bring expertise, dedication, and care to every project, ensuring your trees and property are in the best hands. We’ll give you tailored expert advice, and even if we aren’t the right people for the job, we’ll let you know rather than wasting your time.

We don’t sell fear, just hard work and great service

If you would like good advise and a tree service who cares please don’t hesitate to pick up the phone and call. Since I’m an owner/operator I might be in a tree, please leave a message and I’ll call back as soon as it’s safe.

You can also contact NCT&M by calling or texting at (336)579-0030. 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. 

NCT&M accepts all major credit cards, check and cash as payment for our services. Our integrated online invoicing system allows you to pay quickly and confidently at your convenience.