Prescription Pruning Program

This program is developed specifically for young neighborhoods with lots of young trees.



Maple after structural pruning

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We are launching the Tree Pruning Program that will change the standard of tree care in residential neighbourhoods, and the goal is to preserve and improve the aesthetic and environmental value of communities through Homeowners’ Associations.

At the heart of our program is a dedication to the sustainability and growth of trees, based on the knowledge of the Certified Arborist with additional certifications in Tree Risk Assessment, having received direct mentorship from the leading professionals in the field. This approach is not just about maintaining trees but redefining their care for future generations through professional tree care.

Our program tackles the common issues young trees encounter head-on in newly developed areas. These trees are frequently put on the way to failure due to poor planting and inappropriate initial care, which leads to the deterioration of their structural integrity.

Therefore, we conduct a Pruning Program aimed at creating a strong single structural leader and placing the first permanent branches at a height of 8-10 feet from the ground. This is not a single intervention but a careful cycling pruning every 2-3 years that is adjusted to support the trees as they grow. Such precision at the initial stages of growth eliminates the necessity of extensive material removal in later years. Therefore, each pruning session becomes less intrusive and more helpful for the tree’s general health.

In addition to tree work for trees older than 20 years, we also do cabling and bracing to keep the structure intact and prevent damage from extreme weather conditions. Cables help avoid structural failure during stormy weather by balancing the load among branches, while bracing is about inserting rods and cables in strategic points to reinforce weak spots. These interventions are developed to be the least invasive possible so that the tree’s appearance becomes as natural as before.

Our professional tree care also includes root collar excavation and mulching to ensure tree health from the ground up. These processes are carried out by hand to minimize disturbance to the surrounding area and solve the issue of mulch volcanoes, which can be very harmful if unattended.

The Tree Risk Assessments done at regular intervals are among the integral components of our program. These assessments are very important for the early detection of possible problems. Identifying issues like disease, decay, or structural weaknesses at early stages allows us to implement preventive measures to avoid them from becoming bigger concerns.

Our philosophy extends beyond the technical aspects of tree care. Our goal is to develop a culture of love for nature within the communities we serve. By showing the practical implications of professional tree care, we inspire homeowners to regard their trees as essential assets worthy of investment. That is what makes our program different — we’re not only taking care of the trees, but we are actually cultivating a legacy that will improve our neighbourhoods for generations.

With a certified arborist overseeing every aspect of our operations, we ensure that each intervention is performed safely, efficiently, and with the utmost respect for the tree and its surrounding environment. This oversight guarantees that our work aligns with the highest standards of professional tree care and tree work and directly contributes to the goals and objectives of the communities we partner with.

In selecting the Pruning Program, HOAs are committing to a partnership that supports the sustainable care of their trees. Our approach promises to save trees and to let the entire community flourish, making them greener and healthier for years to come.

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