Structural supports

If you’ve got a tree struggling under its weight or want to prevent problems before they start, get in touch. We’ll rig it upright and keep your trees tough.



Hand tied cable splice for tree support system

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Trees are like giant, living towers; just like any structure, they sometimes need extra support to stay strong. That’s where our Structural Support Systems come into play. We’ve got all the gear and know-how to help trees bear the weight of their branches and stand up to wind and weather.


Cables are like safety nets for trees. We’ve got two types: static and dynamic. Static cables are strong and don’t stretch, holding branches firmly in place. Dynamic cables are a bit stretchy, giving trees room to move naturally in the wind. Depending on the tree and its needs, we’ll pick the right one to keep things stable.


When a tree limb gets too heavy, it might need a crutch, like a person with a hurt leg. We install these crutches to prop up heavy limbs, helping to share the weight and keep the tree safe from breaking. It’s all about ensuring big branches don’t fall and cause damage or hurt someone.


Bracing rods are used when a tree has weak spots, like where two big branches come together. These rods go across the weak spot to hold everything together. Think of it as a band-aid that keeps the tree from getting hurt any worse. It’s a way to stop branches from splitting, saving a tree from severe damage.


With our Structural Support Systems, here’s what you get:


  • Cables that hold up heavy branches are picked to match what your tree needs.
  • Crutches for branches that are too heavy keep them safe from snapping.
  • Bracing rods that protect the weak parts of a tree and keep it whole.

Top 5 Structural Support FAQs

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What kind of equipment do you use to install hardware?

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