Tree Treatments

Sometimes trees need a little help. The first step is identifying the cause of the problem. We are fully licensed to treat in NC.



$2 Million General Liability

We are fully insured to handle all of your tree work at height and stump work. Our crew is trained and compliant with ANSI and OSHA standards. We use wireless communication to seamlessly operator a safe work site.

Satisfaction Guaranteed

We promise to take care of your property as we would our own and to work safely and efficiently. We give you the piece of mind knowing we are doing our absolute best job we can do following current practices and principles. Read about our code of ethics here


Caring for trees means more than just dealing with what you can see. All sorts of things can affect a tree’s health under the surface and up in the leaves. That’s where our Tree Treatments come in, using smart, earth-friendly ways to keep your trees at their best.


We use Integrated Pest Management (IPM) strategies that work with nature, not against it. This means we keep an eye on the trees and only deal with pests when they’re really a problem, using methods that don’t harm the environment. This approach keeps your trees healthy without unnecessary chemicals.


Sometimes, trees get sick, just like people. Our microinjection treatments are like vaccines for your trees, getting right into the trunk to fight off diseases and pests. This targeted method stops the problem at the source without affecting the rest of your yard.


With soil drench treatments, we boost the tree’s roots right where they live. This can help the tree take up nutrients or medicine to stay strong and fight off pests from the ground up.


For the big trees, we’ve got canopy fogging and spraying. This gets the treatment into the highest leaves to tackle pests or diseases out of reach. It’s like giving the tree a helping hand to clean its tallest branches.


And when it comes to invasive stumps that might cause trouble, we’re on it. Removing these stumps can stop pests and diseases from spreading and clears the ground for whatever you’ve got planned next.


Here’s what our Tree Treatments offer:


  • Smart, earth-friendly pest management that’s good for your trees and the planet.
  • Microinjections to protect trees from the inside out.
  • Soil drench treatments that nourish and defend your tree’s roots.
  • Canopy treatments that reach the top leaves to keep your tall trees healthy.
  • Removal of invasive stumps to keep your land clear and healthy.
  • Reach out to us for tree treatments that are thoughtful, effective, and kind to the earth.

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