How long will it take to grind my stumps?

The 75hp Bandit SG75 stump grinder stands out as a powerful and efficient solution for stump grinding, offering superior performance compared to a 25hp stump grinder. With its significantly higher horsepower, the SG75 demonstrates remarkable capability in swiftly tackling stump removal tasks. The increased power translates into faster cutting and grinding processes, enabling operators to complete jobs more efficiently. The Bandit brand, renowned for producing robust and reliable equipment, ensures that the SG75 maintains durability and effectiveness in challenging conditions. Its potential to handle larger and harder stumps with ease sets it apart, making it an ideal choice for demanding stump removal projects. The enhanced depth of grind achievable with the SG75 further solidifies its position as a top-tier stump grinder, delivering not only speed but also thorough and effective results. Whether faced with sizable stumps or challenging wood hardness, the 75hp Bandit SG75 proves itself as a superior option, providing operators with the tools they need to accomplish stump grinding tasks with confidence and efficiency.

My machine out grinds rental units 5-1 while going deeper and wider. 36″ oak stumps are completely gone in under an hour. Lets put my machine to work for you.

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