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Hello friends, my Mother and family members tell stories of me climbing well before I could walk. Balancing one foot on a rocking chair arm or climbing out of my crib and somehow taking a spill with the tv(no flat screens in ‘86) are the 2 that stood out the most in my mind. Seems fitting to become a professional arborist tackling the gnarliest trees over gorgeous architecture with style.

My crew and I have handled some of the most intricate jobs from Asheville to Beaufort, NC. These jobs include craning out a dead standing pine forest on the outer banks to sky-walking(no weight on tree) a monstrously dead oak in between cottages at a mountain retreat. I’m familiar with tricky situations and have a knack for diffusing these hazardous trees we commonly see in urban environments. I respect the hard work and grit of others in this industry and encourage you to get several quotes from other ISA certified arborists.

We understand prices can vary greatly depending on accessibility and equipment available. Our experiences and relationships within the industry give us a competitive advantage as no job is impossible or out of scope for us as we use and have access to some of the most impressive machines in the industry. We also have no problem getting through tight gates and back yards with our equipment. We’ll remove it and make it like it was never there.

The ISA Certified Arborist Credential shows that someone is invested in learning the “WHYS” of tree work and safely practicing the “HOWS” on your property to give you the results you need. We are required to obtain continuing education credits to keep up our certifications, proving our dedication to the mastery of the trade.

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Raleigh-Durham-Chapel Hill
Travis Varner
ISA Certified Arborist
Tree/Forest Health Pruning Expert
Hazardous Tree Removal
Storm Damage Responder


Insured Tree Felling Services

Trees are frequently removed by cutting near the base of the trunk; this is commonly known as Tree Felling. This form of tree removal is physically challenging and can be dangerous if the process is not adequately planned and executed.

Insured Tree Removal Services

Tree removal can be expensive. Consider hiring an arborist when your tree is dead or dying, an unacceptable risk, causing an obstruction, crowding other trees, or located in an area where there’s new construction.

Insured Tree Trimming & Pruning

Pruning can be necessary for various reasons including, improvement of health, appearance and safety. An arborist can determine what type of pruning is necessary.

ISA Certified Arborist Emergency Tree Care

Removing or pruning storm-damaged trees can be dangerous, but a professional arborist can perform the job safely while reducing further risk of damage to people and property.

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